Slowly things are getting back to normal. Aarron’s leg is healing, he can drive his truck again (it’s a standard). Life is beginning to settle back into its little rhythm that I have missed so much.


A few months ago one of our ducks passed away. So Meena has been by herself for a while (well with the chickens but by herself as a duck). She seemed like she was feeling a bit lonely. So, we found her a new home with other ducks.


Now she looks much happier. I miss her terribly though. She would talk to me every time I would go out to the chicken coop. Now it’s so quiet out there. It’s strange. I mean my chickens still talk to me a little, but they are just not as loud as Meena is. I have to go out to the coop to hear them.

Meena used to yell at me when I would step outside at any point during the day or night. So things are quieter here now. I’m sure my neighbors are happy about that. Although none of the ever complained about it.

Anyhow, that’s my update for the week. Things are getting back to normal. Things are quiet again. It’s nice.

Have a great day!



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