Garden Sprayer

I have to say, I have so many hoses in my yard it’s ridiculous! The problem is, we have one spigit at the wrong end of the house (I will have to show pictures of this some day). So I have adapters for more hoses, it’s actually kinda comical to look at it. Anyhow, I got a garden sprayer the other day which is really nice.

Garden Sprayer

The set comes with the sprayer, 2 quick connectors, washers, and O rings. This set is really nice because I use the hose up front of the house for watering the tree and we use it to wash cars and whatever else needs it. So having a sprayer on this hose is a pain.

This one made things so much easier though. To put it on, you just push it in until it clicks. To take it off, you pull down on the quick connector and pull it out. Simple! I love simple.

Garden Sprayer

So now, we have a sprayer on the hose when we need it, and when I use it to water the tree it takes no time at all to remove it. We now have the best of both worlds. It’s amazing.

If you would like to get your own quick release garden sprayer you can do so here. I promise, if you use one hose for many different things it will come in handy to have the quick connector.

I got this other set a while back (see it here), that I still use, but I like this one better. The other one I got has the quick connectors, but the whole set is plastic. The good thing about this new set is that it is more metal (especially in the needed places). So, while I do like and use both sets, I think that I am liking this new one a little more.

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