Keliwa Muffin and Cupcake Pan

So, I got this Keliwa Muffin and Cupcake Pan a few days ago. After my experience with the silicone baking mats, I was excited to try the muffin and cupcake pan. And rightly so, it preformed up to par with the silicone baking mats. So now I have another one coming too.

Keliwa Muffin Pan

These muffins are Awesome, but that’s another blog post altogether. As you can see the muffins came out the pan beautifully! I only had one that tried to stick (probably because of the chocolate in them) but even then it wasn’t bad at all.

Keliwa Muffin Pan

The picture above shows the one that tried to stick. Like I said it wasn’t bad, just a small little bit. So far, I am loving this muffin pan and I can just about guarantee I will be using it again and again. I got this muffin tin through Amazon at this link:

Keliwa Muffin Pan

This picture shows the bottom of the muffin I made. You can see it came out pretty clean. I generally use paper cups inside my muffin pan so that my muffins don’t stick. Of course using those, generally half the muffin sticks to the paper. This stops that from happening. You get the whole muffin rather than just a part of it.

Keliwa Muffin Pan

You can see my video review here: where I show how easy it is to clean just by running my finger over the little bits left in the pan. It comes off so easy.


I can totally see me using these Keliwa pans all the time. I love to bake and I am always doing some sort of bread, cookie, or muffin. This is a great alternative to using the paper cups for easier clean up.

I received this product for free or at a discount for my honest review.

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