Aarron’s Broken Leg is Healing

The Healing Continues

Well, as of today with Aarron’s broken Leg, we are at month 3. This happened on the 2nd of April when he was out riding his quad. I first told about this in April after we got home from the hospital. You can find that post here.

His leg s getting better, day by day. It’s slow, but it’s happening. He has been driving the Kia because it is an automatic. His truck is a standard. Last night, he checked again to see if he could push the clutch in. He was successful!


When this first happened, Aarron had to have surgery to fix his leg. I posted the x-ray pictures at that time, but as a refresher this is how it looked before surgery.

Aarron's Broken Leg is Healing - Before Surgery

It was a very nasty break. He broke both bones in his lower leg. These were not clean breaks as you can see by the picture. During surgery, Dr. Truchen had to put a rod, screws, and even a nail in his leg to fix it. He was not able to put any pressure on his leg for 2 months.

After 2 months, he was able to start slowly putting pressure on his leg again. He said it was pretty painful. We still are not completely sure this was only because it hadn’t been used in 2 months. However, it is getting better. He is slowly able to use it more. As you can see by the clutch test above, he should be able to start driving his truck again.

In the final x-rays done last month, the Dr. says his leg is looking good. Here is how his leg looks now with an x-ray.

Before and after surgery on Aarron's leg.

And the nail in his upper leg looks like this:

Nail and screws up near the knee joint.

All in all, healing is slow. He is coming along and is moving better every day. We are in hopes that he will be off the crutches within the month. However, we shall see. Aarron is looking forward to it I know. He wants to get back on the quad and finish the Odessy which you can see here. He hasn’t been able to work on it, hence no recent updates. I’m sure those will be coming soon though.

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  • I am so glad his leg is healing up. He will back to being able to do everything before you know it.

    • I know that, and you know that, but he thinks it is going to be forever before he can do things normally again…lol

  • Wow! That’s intense and I’m glad everything is going well for him. It’s good to know that he can still drive, that’s awesome. I didn’t know the healing process took this long, I hope it keeps getting better.

    • I didn’t think so either. In the beginning the Doctor did tell us 6-8 months before he would be back to normal. Neither of us thought that was true, but apparently it is.

  • Wow! I can just imagine the healing process that went with that. I am glad he is much better.

  • Ughhhhh dealing with anything broken is tough!!! I had a broken toe once and I thought that was bad, I couldn’t imagine a whole leg!

    • Yeah this has been rough. Thankfully it is getting better and we hope he will be off the crutches soon.

  • That’s sounds amazing! Healing naturally was awesome and I’m just glad that a broken leg was healed.

  • I am so glad that he is getting better every day & that the heal is on its way. I am very much hopeful that Aarron is going to be at his best very soon! Good luck on the same.

  • I am glad to know he’s on the healing process. Hope he recover soon!
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