Green House


This is what my husband did for me this weekend. We found this green house for sale at Tractor Supply Co. Aarron knew I have wanted one for a while now so when we saw the price on this one we had to jump at it.


If I remember correctly, Aarron said it was about 6ft l x 10ft h. Now I just have to fill it…lol. Of course that is going to be the fun part. I’m just not sure if I want to start from scratch on all of the plants or just order some from Burpee. I like my second choice better, but I don’t know if we will have the money to do it right now.


Something I will have to talk over with Aarron before doing either though. I am just so happy to have this! And I think Aarron was happy to be able to do something this weekend seeing as he has been down pretty much since breaking his leg.

Have a great day!


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