6 Backyard Tips for Thinning Out Mosquitoes

I know everyone hates mosquitoes so this guest post gives some tips to help thin them out a bit.

Mosquitoes are not only uncomfortable insects that suck your blood –they are carriers of terrible ailments and conditions –the most recent being the Zika virus.

In the wake of this worldwide epidemic –there were three reported cases of Zika in the US last week- and the fast approaching summer in Florida, it has become imperative to keep our yards mosquito-free.

After all, we all want to hang out around the fire pits in the evenings of the summer, participate in the 4th of July picnicking and fireworks and have an all-round good time without having to worry about the little buggers. How can you do this?

Cut Your Greens

Spring typically brings such lush greenness and life to plants. As a result, you might have more bushes, grasses, and vegetation in and around your home. These are excellent hiding places for adult female mosquitoes which hide under that vegetation during the day and come out to play and feed at night.

It’s even worse when you have dense vegetation in dark areas. These create the perfect hiding spot for these critters. So, trim your hedges, mow your lawns, cut your brushes, and prune surrounding tree branches.

Eliminate All Standing Water

Standing water provides the right breeding conditions for mosquitoes. So, check out all standing containers and empty them of stagnant water. Check your drainages and make sure they are flowing. Stagnant water is the enemy.

As long as the water is flowing, the mosquitoes wouldn’t be able to settle and lay their eggs. Check your gutters too for standing water. Most people typically overlook this part and only check their gutters at the end of the year. Drain out any stagnant water by clearing out piled up gutter debris.

Invest in Insect Zappers

Insect zappers work like magic. The mosquitoes are attracted to them, they make contact and are killed by the UV lights. Depending on how big your yard is and your home, you should invest in between 3 and 10 of those. Ensure to keep one inside the home –out of the children’s reach of course- in case the buggers get in the house.

Invest in Pesticides and Insecticides

Fumigating your home and the environment with an eco-friendly insecticide will keep them at bay for at least a month. Then, have some insecticide in the house to repel or kill them.

Spray these at night with all doors and windows locked while everyone is outside, leave it be for 30 minutes, then aerate the house. You can also buy and use mosquito coils, although these don’t last long and the smoke gets blown away too quickly.  

In addition, pest services can assist in eradicating these problems. Heron Lawn and Pest Control can mitigate these problems by evaluating the state of your lawn and then offering a solution to effectively solve it.

Mosquito Repellent Plants are important

There are plants with odors that mosquitoes find repellent. These include citronella grass, lemon grass, catnip, lavender, and basil. These plants are effective at reducing the mosquito population in your backyard. They are also good for repelling other insects too.

Treat Your Ponds and Keep them Moving

If you don’t want to drain your still pond because of its landscaping features and qualities, you might want to consider taking some measures. These include reducing the population of water lilies as they tend to create avenues for standing water.

We all hate to deal with mosquiteos so my guest post gives you some tips on how to thinning them out.

If your ponds are clear, you should consider installing water aeration systems. These could be in the form of aeration pumps, water bubbler, and turning the pond into a temporary fountain. These will help keep the pond moving –a condition that is not conducive to mosquitoes breeding.

These tips should get you started on preventing and eliminating them. If you need more help, get in touch with Heron Pest to eliminate mosquitoes and all other insects on your home.


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