Memorial Day


Photo from Bing Images
Photo from Bing Images

Memorial is for the dead, not the living. What I mean by this is that Memorial Day is a day set aside to remember those who lost their lives while serving our country. Some service men will become upset when someone wishes them a “happy Memorial Day” because the is Veteran’s day is for, to remember and thank those living who have or are serving their country. I know that I have already seen my son post this on Facebook that Memorial Day is to remember those who lost their lives serving the country and not those serving today or who served in the past.

Last year I had the opportunity to visit the Moving Vietnam Memorial Wall. I could not believe all the names on that wall. It was a wonderful trip and I hope that anyone would go if the chance arises because it is an experience I will not likely forget.

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I remember walking up to the wall and thinking that it was so quiet there even though the road was only about 100 yards or so away. It was very peaceful. People were leaving pictures and mementos for their loved ones who had been lost during the Vietnam War.


So I want everyone to remember that today is to remember those who lost their lives protecting and serving for us. Have a cookout or a picnic, but take the time to thank those who lost their lives defending the freedom we have today.

Have a great day!



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