Grades for my Last Class

Photo from: Google Images
Photo from: Google Images

My last class was Program Evaluation. This class was rough. We went over how to do a program evaluation (I don’t ever want to have to do this). Our papers were continuous throughout the class, meaning that one built on the next. We had to pick an organization for the papers. I chose to go with Hope for the organization. Then we had to choose one program that the organization runs. I chose the Warm Line.

If you aren’t familiar with Hope’s Warm Line, it is a number you can call for any problem you are having with any mental illness, but specifically it was set up to help prevent suicide.

For our papers in this class we had to decide what type of evaluation would provide the most information about the program. The first paper was just an introduction to the organization and the program chosen to cover. The second paper was about what information the organization would  want about the program. The final paper was about what methodology we would use to collect the information and what type of information these items would gather. It also had to contain what types of analysis you would choose to do if you were preforming the evaluation.

Again, I did not like this class and it was pretty tough, but surprisingly I got an A- or 95.58%. I was shocked that I managed to do so well in this class.

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