The Healing Process

Aarron 5/8/16
Aarron 5/8/16

Well, the healing process is slow. However, Aarron is doing better. He went back to work this week and so far is doing pretty good. He still cannot put any weight on his leg so he is using crutches and a wheelchair to get around. He is doing much more for himself now than he was a week ago. I don’t mind doing whatever he needs me to, but it is good to see him doing more on his own.

We go back to the doctor on June 1st for x-rays to determine if he can start putting any weight on his leg. The Doctor wants to see healing in the knuckle below the knee before she will allow him to start using it. She said because of the nail put into the knuckle, if he puts weight on it before it starts to heal it could mess up the healing and leave him in worse shape, so he is actually listening to the doctor and not using it.

Here you can see the nail in the top knuckle of the fibula (the lower leg bone).

After the doctor appointment I will update you again and we are hoping for progress. But while we are waiting, he is back to doing things around the house such as putting a small shelf next to the bed for a charging station for our electronics. He is also working on my Jeep so that I have something to drive while he is using the Kia (can’t drive a standard right now, which his truck is).


So, while the process of healing  is very slow, it is happening and he is doing better. Not to mention he is back to making me laugh all the time with the silly things he does every day.

Have a great day!



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