Good Days Ahead!

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Thankfully the last few weeks (even with Hubby’s accident) I have largely been anxiety free. I even managed to ride on the freeway in the ambulance on the way to the hospital (plus a couple other times since then). I actually feel like I can do almost anything at this point in time.

I know, when you deal with anxiety, it can change at any moment and this in itself can bring on the anxiety. So, I have been trying to live by a new philosophy which is this: If it’s a good day, enjoy it! If it’s a bad day, try to figure out why and change it.

If the day is good, don’t worry that it will get bad. Just keep going and do what you can while you can. Don’t worry about what COULD go wrong. Of course it could go wrong, but why waste time thinking about it unless it does. Right? I mean so many times I think I sabotaged myself by worrying so much about what could go wrong that I had an anxiety attack. I brought it on myself!

I am slowly learning. Sometimes I think to slowly, but still I’m learning none the less. And hey, that’s what life’s about right? Learning…some times this can be a really long road. I know that it has been for me. I have always been the type to just push through and do what I had to do. When the anxiety really kicked, let me tell you, it kicked my butt. BIG time!

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I went from a do-it-yourself kinda girl to a can’t seem to do anything kinda girl in a matter of a few weeks. I still have my days where it seems that I can’t do anything, but they seem (at least for now) to be fewer and farther between. I am not saying that I am cured. Because I know that is not the case.

What I am saying is that I am learning to deal with anxiety and you can too if you are dealing with anxiety. I know I will still have bad days, but between medication and other coping mechanisms I am doing better. I know my blog has a lot to do with it too because I have met some amazing people (you know who you are!) on this journey that have really helped me to understand both anxiety and myself a whole lot better. For that, I say a very heart felt Thank you! I could not done it without you.

Have a great day!




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