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So, today I had planed to do something related to craft, but after this weekend that did not happen. So, I think today’s word beginning with C would have to be catastrophe! How does one show catastrophe? Well I’m not sure that my husband would like for me to show his catastrophe that occurred this weekend. Let’s just say that he was riding this quad:

Large Quad

When he almost flipped it and put his foot down to try to help stabilize the quad. Not the best choice he could have made. We are now sitting at the hospital with him recovering from surgery, in which they had to put a rod in his left leg. So, yes I would have to say the word of the day is Catastrophe!

This post is in response to theĀ Blogging from A to Z April Challenge.

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  • Hope all is well. 4 wheelers are so much fun though!!!

    • He is healing now. Yes they are so much fun and he can’t wait to get back on it again. Although he is talking about doing some modifications so this can’t happen again.

      • Anything to be more safe! My husband is a motorcycle junkie and wears full gear when he rides but wears nothing but a helmet when on his 4 wheeler smh. I’ve been talking to him about wearing good gear on the 4 wheeler also but of course his testosterone gets in the way sometimes. Hoping for a speedy and steady recovery for your hubby. Those types of injuries are no joke. Hope you’re doing ok also. *hugs*

        • That’s my thoughts on it too! He doesn’t even wear a helmet when riding the quad so it could have been so much worse. Thankfully someone was looking out for him. We are finding these to be no joke. He can’t put any weight on his leg for at least 8-12 weeks is what they are saying.
          As for me, I am doing well…just tired.

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