Planting Time!

I’m so excited that it is starting to get warmer. This means that I can start my planting. I have always had a black thumb. I mean seriously, the plants at the nursery generally all wilt when I walk in the door! I have been working on trying to change this and so far I have some luck with lettuce and strawberries. Here is my lettuce now:


In the pot next to this is the strawberry plant. These both made it through the hard freeze we had a couple months ago. So, I am hoping the curse of the black thumb is getting better. I usually purchase my seeds through Burpee because they have such a good organic selection (And I get cash back through Ebates). Last week I planted:

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I can’t wait to see how they do. My grandfather has given several good pointers that I hope will help with this. I would so love to have fresh veggies and spices rather than those bought at the store. Also we plan to do this with no chemicals. Have you heard the scary things the chemicals can do? It’s crazy that we actually eat this stuff!

As you can see we started these in pots. I did this because we are actually starting these a bit early. Most should not be planted until April or May. I put them in pots so that if we do have really cold nights still I can bring them into the house.

So far, that has not been the case. They have been outside since I planted them. I will post update over the next few months on how they are doing and if my black thumb may actually be turning green. Hopefully, (fingers are crossed) they do well and we will have fresh veggies and herbs to go with the fresh eggs we get from the chickens. Please if you are the praying type, pray for my garden. Thankfully you can’t get arrested for cruelty to plants yet. Cause I tell you what, that is where I would be for all the poor plants that I have killed in the past.

Have a great Day!




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