Dealing with Anxiety

So, you have anxiety? Now what? Everyone deals with anxiety in different ways. Some want to control it with medication, some don’t. This is a very personal journey, because what works for you might not work for me and what works for me might not work for you. However, any tool that you can put in the toolbox for dealing with anxiety can be a help. My anxiety has changed over time and what worked last month may not work next.

Anxiety 2

I am slowly learning the different ways in which we can deal with anxiety. There are so many different things one can try such as

Just to name a few. It takes a lot of time and patience to deal with anxiety. Which sounds funny to me because I know in the midst of an anxiety attack I generally  have no patience….none what so ever! I just want it to be over. However, when I focus on what is going on with anxiety it tends to make it worse. I have to focus on something else. The ideas above are a good starting point.

Support is essential in dealing with anxiety. Sometimes just having someone you can talk to can help to ease the anxiety. My husband, Aarron, has been wonderful on this front. I’m not sure what I would have done (or would do) without him. This support, especially if the person understands anxiety, is amazing. He can get through to me when most others can’t.

In summary, getting a good toolbox together of things that can help with anxiety is a must! Having different ideas to draw from can be so helpful at times. I know that if I didn’t have these items I can go to when I need them I would not have made as much progress by now. Medication can help but sometimes it’s just not enough.

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  • I love this post! I wanted to reblog it, but I don’t see how I can.

    Thank you so much for mentioning my advice. Also, I find watching TV helpful if you need another tool.

    I can totally relate to the fact that the more you concentrate on your anxiety, the worse it gets.. That’s why, as you mentioned, it is so important to have things to distract our minds. Thank you so much for sharing this post!
    gettingthroughanxiety recently posted…Some Inspiration For Today:) My Profile

    • Of course I shared your advice. …it was amazing help for me! I had to share it. I’ve never really been one to watch much tv but I imagine it’s still worth trying. I’m not sure how to reblog on this one either. I think it’s not an option because I’m on rather than .com.

    • I don’t know if this will work, but supposedly you can just type in the url and it should embed my post into your post. I guess is doing the reblog this way now…

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