Stop Repetitive Thinking

Photo from: by basketman
Photo from: by basketman

In response to Living, Learning, and Letting go’s Challenge for growth prompt #8 – Stop repetitive thinking

Today I focus on Stopping Repetitive Thinking

I like to think that everyone does this at one time or another. Repetitive thinking can stop a person from achieving the goals they would like to achieve. I know that it has stopped me a time or two but I think this may go back to my anxiety. Even if it doesn’t I know that a fear of failure has stopped me in my tracks many times over.

So, today I focus on stopping the repetitive thinking. This week I have been working on this like a mad woman. I do this all too often. I know I need to stop and now I am really working on making the change. Even my counselor told me that I need to rethink my thinking. When these thoughts come in that make me want to change my focus from what I want to accomplish, I have to physically think about what I just said and turn it around.

So, for instance, if I need to go to the store but can’t seem to force myself to get behind the wheel. I stop and ask myself why? Usually it’s something along the lines of “I won’t be able to make it without stopping several times because of my anxiety”. Now, I have to stop and tell myself “So what? You will still make it and do what you need to do.”

Another example is my blog. I wanted to start one for quite a while but I didn’t think anyone would read it. I am now seeing that maybe I really do have something good to say because I am getting readers and followers. I had to tell myself that I could do it! I had to tell myself this over and over and over again. Even still some days now that I have been blogging for several months.

You have to turn the negative into a positive in order to make change happen. I have been able to do more this week because of this. I have not allowed myself to stay home or to not write because it could turn out bad. I have to tell myself that I CAN do it!

So, my challenge to you is to turn your negative thoughts into positive thoughts and tell yourself over and over and over that you CAN do it. You CAN do whatever you put your mind to! You just might be amazed at what you can accomplish if you start to think you can.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this. If you do this, I would also love to hear what you accomplished!

Have a great day!




  • Thanks so much for participating in the challenge. I’m glad you have been able to make some changes as a result of it. So often our problems are about our thinking.

    Turning negative thinking into positive is definitely a good strategy. Another technique I have found valuable with my clients is to remind them that “Fear needs information.” So anytime you are feeling anxiety, take a look at what information you need. If you get that information, the anxiety may dissolve.
    Karuna recently posted…“Stay in the Present and Stop Thinking!”My Profile

    • Hmmm. that’s great advice! Thank you.

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