Top 5 Places to Go

The Wanderer

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  1. Ireland – My family is from Ireland and I have been told that in the town we came from there is even a pew in a church that has our name on it. I would love to go see this and see where my family came from.
  2. England – This is just a fascination of mine. I have always wanted to visit England for as long as I can remember.
  3. Scotland – Again just another fascination of mine. I would love to go for a month and explore the area.
  4. The White Mountains – I have been here before (just about every year) but I love it. Living in the desert the mountains are a way to get out of the heat in the summer.
  5. The Grand Canyon – I have been here before as well but it was a very fast trip. I would like to be able to go again and stay at least a weekend to explore.

Where would like to go if you could anywhere right now?

Have a great day!



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