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The Outsiders
Day 13: Writing 101

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Photo from: http://michellerafter.com
Photo from: http://michellerafter.com

I’m going to mix two together today. I will play with the word count using the daily prompt. Today’s daily prompt is The Outsiders (which is a great movie by the way).

I think all parents have had the feeling of being outside and looking in at their children. I know that I often feel this way with my daughter. While I love her to death, sometimes I want to grab and shake her asking “what in the hell are you thinking?” I know through schooling, that the answer to this question for most teenagers and young adults is that they are not thinking. Have you ever noticed that young adults and teens don’t seem to look at the consequences of what they do, they just do and worry about what happens later. Scientifically speaking, this is because their brain is not done growing. They don’t know this however and believe they are looking for Adrenalin provoking activities, but most, later in life would not make the same choices if provided the same options.

I know….I know….teens don’t want to hear about their brains still needing time to mature but it is what it is. If they were to really stop and think about something before acting, maybe they wouldn’t be so reckless. Then, and only then, parents would no longer that to ask “What were you thinking?” of their teens or young adults.

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