Let Social Media Inspire you….

Day 7: Writing 101

Today we are to let social media inspire the post we make. I saw this one and had to use it. I am going to school for my doctorate in psychology and truly it seems the more I learn the less I know. One is supposed to get smarter in school right? Yet it does not seem that way. I am finding that I really don’t know much of what I probably should have going into to this venture. I study daily and work so hard on my school papers, yet while I am learning I still feel that I have a long way to go before I will know what I need to in order to help those in my chosen field.

Ugh! right? It’s amazing that we spend so much on an education to find out that we really don’t know very much. How frustrating is that? One starts school with the idea that there will be something to show for it later, but this rarely happens. This scares me. I am almost done with my doctorate yet I feel that I don’t know enough yet to help anyone. I guess this will come with experience, but still.

Does this quote sound right to you or not so much?

Have a great day!



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