Where do I Write?

Day 6: Writing 101

Where do I write?

Photo from: www.prnewsonline.com
Photo from: www.prnewsonline.com

So today for writing 101, the question is where do I write? At the moment I am usually at the kitchen table because the house is in disarray due to moving in. Once I have my house in order I hope to have a small area dedicated to my computer and writing materials. ┬áThis will probably be in the kitchen still but I hope to be able to create a small space just for working. Because I go to school online and write my blog online, it will have to accommodate both but I don’t see a problem with this.

I plan to hang on the wall a few inspirational quotes to help me through those days I don’t want to do anything. I love to see upbeat inspiration in every room of my house but near the computer (for me) is especially important.

So what I need from ya’ll is help in what you would like to see more of on my blog. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Have a great day!



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