Things I wish…..

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Day 2 of writing 101 is to create a list. My list is things that I wish for.

I wish:

  1. That my daughter would grow up to be an independent woman.
  2. That my husband and I continue to communicate in a way which brings us closer.
  3. That the insanity of the world would stop.
  4. That my father would live forever.
  5. That my son would come back to me.
  6. That people would be more courteous of others.
  7. That my Aunt Sharon was still with us.
  8. That my husband and I could build a house together.

I know that some of these are irrational, but I still felt I should include them because they are wishes that I do have. I know they will not happen, but I still wish it. The others I am still working on to make them happen. I will keep you updated on the process.

Have a great day!



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