Chicken Coop

This weekend was very productive. We got the chicken coop done and we got a new house and new additions to the family.

Here is the coop the chickens were in before:


And this is what they have now:


It is double the size and has a roosting box. Still not getting any eggs yet, but they have only had the box for a couple days. So now it’s just waiting. We also got new additions to the family who will join the others when they are bigger. For now they are in the house until they are old enough to go outside with the rest.

20151031_165118 20151031_165114 20151031_165053

Kira wants to name these ones because she says they are cute.

Next we got a new home. For the last 2 years the hubby, Kira, and I have been living in an RV. It has become kinda cramped and pretty full. This weekend we were able to find a new home for fairly cheep (which works really well for us right now  LOL).


I’m pretty sure it’s about the same size, but it appears to have more room. So now it’s a push to get things moved over. Yes it has been an exciting weekend for the Franklin Family.


Have a great day!




  • The chicken coop and your new home looks great! Renee your blog is awesome!

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