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Have you ever had one of them days that you just want to crawl back into bed and use a do-over? I seem to get this type of day every few months. On one such occasion it seemed that the only thing I was able to do was go back to bed and hope the next day was better.

My day started fairly normal. I got up and showered. Drank my coffee and read through my email. The bad started when I spilled my coffee down my front. Anyone who has done this knows that it is hot and it hurts. So I changed my shirt and thought I would try to get to work a few minutes early that day to see what was going on. I got out to my truck and had a flat. Just what I needed! I changed the tire (so much for being early for work :(…. I called my boss to let her know I would be late. I finally got on the road (at the time I should have gotten to work). I only got about 3 miles (my drive at the time was about 20 miles one way to work) when I noticed that one headlight was out (I was working graveyard shift at the time). Thinking that I would buy a new one when I got my lunch bread at work I continued on.

A few miles further on, I saw the red and blues in my rear view mirror. I pulled over for the cop to tell me that I had a headlight out and as long as I promised I would replace it right away he would not give me a ticket for it. Of course I told him that I was going to fix it before heading home in the morning after work so he let me go. By this time I am only about half way to work. Once I get back on the road and manage another couple miles I look at my gauges and notice that my temperature gauge is fluctuating so I pull over once again to look under the hood to see what is wrong. When I lifted the hood I didn’t even have to look for the problem very hard because water was literally squirting out of the heater core valve.

Needless to say I did not make it to work that night. Rather I limped my truck back home and crawled back in bed. Talk about a bad day! Have you ever had a day like this?


Have a great day!


Comedy of Errors (and bonus assignment!)


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