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noun: anxiety; plural noun: anxieties
  1. a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.
    “he felt a surge of anxiety”
    1. desire to do something, typically accompanied by unease.
      “the housekeeper’s eager anxiety to please”
      a nervous disorder characterized by a state of excessive uneasiness and apprehension, typically with compulsive behavior or panic attacks.

    Yes, that about sums it up, but, you know what? All is not as bleak as it appears. I seem to have my anxiety under control for the most part now. I do still have some bad days but it’s not like it was (every day was a bad day). I can actually leave my house now. It’s hard dealing with anxiety (as anyone who has will tell you) because no one can “see it” so it appears to be “all in your head” and in a sense that is correct. It really is all in your head. Which sucks!

    I know, I deal with anxiety every day. It’s not easy. I like to be social but with this anxiety I usually can’t be social which makes the anxiety worse, which means I can’t be social, which makes the….well you get the picture. It’s a nasty circle that I have to change in order to see change. I have found one thing that seems to help quite a bit….mindfulness. Yes, this is a type of meditation, but everyone can do it. In mindfulness you don’t have to try to quiet your mind…I mean come on I have anxiety, how am I going to quiet my mind? But that is the beauty with this type of meditation. You don’t have to try to quiet your mind. The only thing you have to do is set a timer for 10 or 15 (5 to start with though and work your way up to 15 or even 30 minutes), concentrate on your breathing. If you notice (am I’m sure you will (especially in the beginning)) that you are focused on something else, just bring your thoughts back to your breath. Continue doing this every time you notice your mind has gone to something else. It gets easier as time goes on I promise. I won’t say this will quiet your mind, but rather that you work on quieting your mind. When the time is up you go on with your day. I don’t think you will notice any changes right away, but as time goes on and you work for a longer time at it, it will relax you and you will start to notice some changes. This was a game changer for me.

    I hope this helps. What ways help you to calm the anxiety?

    Have a great day!



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