Just another week….

Photo from: derrolyn.booklikes.com
Photo from: derrolyn.booklikes.com

I actually think I am beginning to like routine. Home is running fairly smoothly, anxiety has been in check (for the most part), animals and plants are doing great. I always thought I would love to have an adventurous life, but lately I have settled for routine. No, I haven’t settled, routine is nice and good. I still like to shake it up a bit, but when you’re going to school, taking care of your Dad, and your own family (hubby and daughter) routine usually isn’t very routine…lol. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. Your routine usually gets screwed up every day…lol. At least I know that mine does. I set out each morning to get certain things accomplished and by the end of the day it seems that I have managed none of them. Such is life though when it’s more than just you.

Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t give up my family for anything. I love them to death and back (yes, even when my dad is being a brat…which seems to be many days anymore). But, I have learned over the last few months to let go of the small things. If it’s not something that is gonna change my life if it does or doesn’t get done, it’s not a problem if I have to put it off for a day. Yes, I’m saying that some nights the dishes don’t get done or the living room doesn’t get vacuumed. These are not going to hurt anything if they are not done…right? I am slowly learning that I am not a superhero! I can’t do it all every day. This has been a hard lesson. One that I look forward to working on more. Just knowing that I am me right now is enough!

Have a great day!



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