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Since my husband’s surgery, we are finally getting back to normal. He is back at work and I am better able to take care of the house. I read a beautiful post this weekend at Live to Write – Write to Live that speaks about living in the moment. I mean the world today is so fast. No one seems to “take time to smell the roses” anymore. It’s sad really when you stop to think about it. With the advent of electronics (to make our lives easier…..yeah right! whoever came up with that statement has never met me….technology runs from me), kids no longer play outside (Of course with all the bad things happening to people right in their front yards, who wants to send their kids out to play anymore right?). Besides it’s so much easier to watch them and you can get more done when they are occupied with something electronic (smart phone, tablet, computer….you get the picture). I know that I’m also guilty of doing this because I don’t want my kids to go outside by themselves. So, they have to wait until I am done with what I need to do before we can go outside.

So, every day I try to pick one thing to work on for that day so that I can slow down a little. This whole week actually, though, I have been trying to get outside more. I remember when I was a kid, my favorite time of day was when I could go outside and play with my friends. I miss that. With that in mind, I’ve started my plants, I am raising chickens (by the way, any help with care would greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance for any willing to share advice on this). This gets me outside. I am noticing (with the exception of days like today when it is so windy outside that one could get blown away) that I spend a little more time outside each day. I am enjoying being outside of the house more and more. The sad part is I didn’t realize I missed this until I started doing it again.

I guess what my plan is now, or another goal for me, is to get outside more. Even if this is just with a book for an hour or so. I just want to get outside. I am hoping that maybe now that the weather is cooling down (we are usually around 110 here in the summer time) I can get the family out to do some hiking and maybe a weekend of camping before it gets too cold. How much fun would that be? And let’s not even think about the health benefits of this. I know that being outside really tends to help me when the anxiety hits so this is another plus.

Anyhow, I guess I have gone on long enough…lol. How do you like to spend your days if you are slowing down a bit? Any ideas?

Have a great day!




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