One of Those Days….

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Ever had one of those days that you just can’t seem to get anything done? I think that is the type of day I am having today. I feel like every time I start something I remember something else that I was supposed to start. For me these days are very frustrating and make me want to just climb back in bed and either start the day over or just completely skip it! I feel like lately, this seems to be the way things are going. How do I change this?

I have decided that I need a to-do list every day. I need to focus on only one thing at a time until that thing is done. Then, and only then, will move on to the next. I think that my problem lately has been that I feel the need to be “Super Mom”. I know this is an unrealistic expectation, but I am good at those…lol. I try so hard to be perfect (even though realistically I know this is not possible) that many times I have many projects started and seem to finish none. I guess what it comes down to is a lack of focus on my part lately. I feel like there is not enough time in the day to finish all the I need to finish.

I have been looking at planners lately, and I have come to the conclusion that I may need one to help me keep track of what I need to do each day. My problem there is, I have to pick one…lol. There are so many good ones out there but I have yet to decide which will work best for me. My next problem is that I have to remember to actually LOOK at it. I know this seems like a simple task, but for me it really takes thought. Kinda sad, I know, but it seems that once I have one, it sits on the table collecting dust. So I guess my  next two goals are to find a planner that will work and to actually use it. I’ll let ya know how this goes in a week or two.

Have a great day!



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