Blogging 201: Days 7 and 8

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Well, yesterday was a cluster so I didn’t get anything done. Because of this, I am going to combine days 7 and 8 into one post. Day 7 was create an event. I think for the time being I am going to pass on this one. I have so much going on right now as it is that I am not sure I can manage an event successfully at this time. However, I am looking into possibly following a few events to help with content for my blog. There are so many different events out there it’s just a matter of finding one that fits with my blog. I think once this blogging 201 course is done I will try to incorporate some of the events into my site, even if it’s just with a mention and a link. Seriously, though, I do want to try out a few of them just to see what I can do.

When I started this blog, I knew that I wanted to write, mostly about life in general, but I would like to give other areas of writing a try as well. I know that I have already seen picture challenges like I would like to get into because I love taking pictures. There are also starter prompts where one gets a word, sentence, or theme and make a story out of it. Many of these challenges sound like a lot of fun. So I look forward to making this happen soon.

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Day 8 in the blogging 201 course is about making your site a hub. I already have the social media in place, I just have to figure out how best to use it. I have a few projects that I want to do and I plan on posting before, after, and during pictures on Facebook and probably Instagram as I do them. Once done I will write it up (with pictures) here as well. I hope to be able to show someone else how to do some of the projects I would like to complete. I hope that some of them come in handy for someone else. I would also like to start a weekly something or other, I just have to figure out what I would like to do.

I hope to see you again soon

Have a great day!



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