A Letter to Me


First I want to say Happy Birthday! It is hard to imagine you are 41 today. It really doesn’t seem like that much time has past. But oh..what am time it has been. You now have 3 children that are 18 or over and one more still growing. I know you don’t see him much, but keep hoping that one day he will come back to you. It could happen

What can I say to you that may help you in the future? I know there have been some bad spots in life, but it will make you who you are today. It will take 2 divorces before you meet the man you will love for the rest of your life. Just try to remember the good times.

Would I change anything? Not at all. If you were to change one thing it would change it all. Meaning you would not find Aarron. Are there regrets? I would have to say no. I love where I am right now. I know that the anxiety is bad some days, but you will work through it. It gets better every day. The time you will spend in Oklahoma may not be the best, but what an adventure it was. Waiting every day to see if there would be a storm during the rain season. Oh yeah, that did not help the anxiety. Just talk to Aarron, he will help you through it.

But oh the sights you will see while you are there! You made your first trip to Bass Pro Shops and what an exciting day that is.1897892_10152340072669555_450961629814779632_n 10013950_10152340071854555_7216970985877634324_n 10173530_10152340072399555_5981797307010019630_n 10174882_10152340071609555_2455689620863847251_n

The trip to the Museum of Osteology is one you will not soon forget.10305608_10152393964089555_1538463283410641566_n 10258684_10152393947724555_1395560755864345706_n - Copy 10252172_10152393948164555_4866769206460090180_n - Copy

The Oklahoma Bombing Memorial was something else. It was so quite there even though there was traffic about 100 ft away on all sides.

1507794_10152351915284555_4159347212938321100_n 1604736_10152351915354555_8770897412179719187_n 10174805_10152351918384555_5959672457481057661_n

Coming home will be the best thing you can think of at the time. And it will be good. This will show you how much you really do like being home.

Life will have it’s bumps and obstacles, but just keep doing what you are doing and things will get better. You kids will grow. Tim will find you again. You will meet Aarron who will keep you laughing all the time. You will love him more than words can say. So just keep on the path you are on now and you will get here and finally be content with your life. It no longer feels as if something is missing….it’s just right.

Happy Birthday Renee




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