Blogging 201: Make the most of your Archives

TGIF everyone!

Today is all about the past! Why? Because the archives section of the blog shows your posts from the past.

I have already added this to my site but I wasn’t sure if I should or not. So today’s blogging 201 told me I was doing something right….YAY! I know I worry to much about the little stuff but I am new and still really have no idea as to what I am doing…lol. I guess one could say that I am playing it be ear…which in itself is a little scary for me. I like to have a plan.

Another suggestion that was made was link content to previous posts. I’m not sure how to do this yet but I will figure it out and start using this as well in the future. Maybe I could add this to my goals for the site. Hey! look at that. Thank you McCallister sculpture for the information on how to do this.

Well today is short and sweet. I have a lot of homework to do still today.

Have a wonderful day!



  • Hey Renee! Cheers to doing something right before even knowing it! The more you blog, the more your previous content stays fresh and at the forefront of your mind. So adding links to previous/related posts will become easier. That little tip I put definitely makes it a one step process so it should encourage you to do it when the opportunity presents itself.

    Thank you for the shout out, but also its “McCallister”, though McMallister has a fun ring to it ;)

    Glad you got to post even with all the HW. I can see the dedication!

    • Slowly but surely I will get this all down. I just happened to read your post before doing mine.
      I completely apologize for the misspelling. I will go in a fix it. I did, however, make sure I got the link right before posting so it would go to you.
      I will definitely keep this information in mind. I love learning new things even though sometimes it can be a challenge.

      • No worries about the typo, and thanks again for the link! As you learn, just remember – practice makes perfect! you do it right 1,2,3 times and it’ll come naturally. Don’t stop discovering :)

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